Although most adverts on these types of sites are legitimate, there are many scam artists who exploit and abuse the system. They will offer seemingly legitimate products and services to potential buyers and request payments upfront but the product/s will never be supplied, leaving the buyer out of pocket.

They are also in the habit of advertising a specific brand of product at low prices but when(and if) the product is delivered, it is an inferior product and not the brand you payed for.

With this in mind, we suggest that all purchases made from these types of sites are done extremely carefully in order to avoid being caught by these fraudsters.

We have provided some of the local sites suggested "Buyers guidelines and rules" links below in order to assist you :

Gumtree -


Junkmail -

Brand misrepresentations

Beware of any company in any country parading as Bonnox® manufacturers or agents! We are the ONLY manufacturer of original Bonnox® products. If you are unsure of the supplier/agent, please contact us directly and we will assist you.

Contact us should you have any queries: