In 1962 the founder VH Schadewaldt started a small business in Pretoria, named Bonnox® .

For 58 years Bonnox® has been a pioneer in the wire industry, after introducing welded mesh for poultry and small animals. In 1964 Bonnox® introduced a world famous and world renowned product to Africa for the first time , called the Hinge Joint Field fence , which was initially fully imported from Belgium by Bonnox® .

In 1968 Bonnox® was able to obtain and sell Hinge Joint Field fence locally without the need for costly importation.

In 1989 , Bonnox® started its own manufacture of Hinge Joint Field Fence under the proud Bonnox® trademark at its factory in Sunderland Ridge, Centurion.

Bonnox® has become a recognizable name and well established brand within the fencing industry for world class quality fencing and value for money, hence being awarded the BEST BUY award for four years in a row by the market research Swiss Company, ICERTIAS.

All these products are unique to the world. Bonnox® is now the biggest manufacturer of Hinge Joint Field Fence Africa pattern in Africa, with more than 65 different products available. All products are fully galvanized for a longer life span.

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