A fence is a long term investment and the correct choice of a fence is crucial. Add to that, strength, durability, long life expectancy, easily erected and top quality - Bonnox® is the best choice for you.

Bonnox® is a South African company founded in 1962, proud manufacturer and distributor of pre-fabricated fencing made out of 2mm (specially formulated by engineers and metallurgists) heavy galvanised steel wire. Bonnox® manufactures :

Hingejoint® fencing.
This Hingejoint® fencing consists of a number of horizontal (line) wires interwoven with vertical (stay) wires into different spacing and patterns, of which some are rectangular and some are square.

Fencing that is fully galvanized, is about eight times more effective against natural elements. Therefore, it is only natural to choose Bonnox® with a much longer lifespan. Keep in mind that the regular maintenance of a fence should be a priority, because even full galvanized fences are susceptible to fires. Rust on poles must be treated regularly to prevent it from spreading to the fence.

Bonnox® fencing have a high tensile breaking strain:
• 415kg on horizontal and
• 220kg in vertical stay wires.

A unique Bonnox® feature is the tension curve in the horizontal line wires made during the manufacturing process, this allow for expansions and contractions of the fence in temperature changes, putting less tension on the corner posts, as well as accommodating changes in terrain and resist loss of tension and distortion on impact.

All the horizontal wires also cause additional strength to the impact zone and is thus ideally suited for Big Game, Small Game, Farm Animals, pets and border fences.

Bonnox® is a very innovative Company, constantly listening to their customers and trying to satisfy their needs – hence the large range of products to fit most requirements.

Money Saver Range:
Available in 300mm vertical spacing for sheep and cattle, as well as 150mm vertical spacing for dogs and pigs. Heights range for 0.648m up to 1.47

Close Mesh Range:
Available in 150mm vertical spacing for Small game as well as 300mm vertical spacing for Large game. Heights range from 0.91m up to 2.44m.

Kombi Fence Range:
Combination of 300mm spacing between the vertical wires for the top portion and 150mm spacing for the bottom portion, for Mixed game. Heights range from 1.83m up to 2.44m.

Square Mesh Range:
Denser fence with 100mm x 100mm square blocks.
Predator proof, mostly used for Lion camps.
Heights range from 0.6m up to 2.4m.

Multi Fence Range:
75mm vertical spacing for Exotic game, also available in combination of 150mm spacing between the vertical wires for the top portion and 75mm spacing for the bottom portion. Heights range from 0.6m up to 2.4m.

Flexi Fence Range:
For uneven terrain, has a unique Ringlock system that allows the fence tremendous flexibility - enabling the fence to be erected at a gradient of up to 45°. Heights range from 1.4m up to 2.1m.

Econo Fence Range:
Bonnox® proudly present the new Lightly Galvanised range made from top quality raw materials, giving the client value for money, different patterns available in our popular 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m heights.

Bonnox® 3 Metre All-Game Barrier:
1st Pre-fabricated Hinge Joint game fence in South Africa. Available in 150mm vertical spacing for Small game as well as 300mm vertical spacing for large game.

Bonnox® Flower Mesh:
Mesh to support long stem cut flowers.
Available in 96mm x 125mm, 125mm x 125mm and 125mm x 250mm

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